Medio (7pc)

Medio (7pc)


Our bestselling box includes one piece of each of our signature chocolates: Caramello, Zesty Orange, Divino, Ooh La La, Amarena, Noce di Coca and Noce


The Delicious Details:

Each box includes: Caramello - perfect bite of chocolate guiltless caramello; Zesty Orange - caramelized orange zest in caramello; Divino - silky caramello hugs crunchy almonds with sea salt flakes; Ooh Lala - French cognac reduction in Cioccolada's special caramello; Amarena - chocolate ganache with black cherry on top; Noce di coco - raw coconut cream inside delightful chocolate; Noce - crunchy walnut covered with luscious chocolate.

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