• Cacao Euphoria

    Cacao Euphoria

    Not many people know but apart from many health benefits, cacao also has mild psychoactive properties, and gives you mental focus and feelings of euphoria. It's rich in phenethylamine (PEA) which plays a prominent role in mediating the mood enhancing euphoric effects of a runners high.   Cacao also releases oxytocin, the chemical in our brains that goes off when we fall in love.

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  • Wine and chocolate pairing

    Wine and chocolate pairing

    Chocolate and wine: two of the greatest things in existence are actually quite similar in the way they are produced. Both cocoa beans and wine are fermented with the very same type of yeast. So it’s no wonder that chocolate and wine come together to form delicious magic. Chocolate is the confectionary match to wine, but to maximize the impact on your taste buds you must know the wines that pair perfectly with your favorite chocolates. For instance, white chocolate...

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  • Chocolate grows on trees?

    Chocolate grows on trees?

    Apparently what many of us don't know is that chocolate grows on trees. And when people say money doesn't grow on trees, it actually does as up until late 1800's Aztecs used cacao as their currency and the most valued commodity. Conquistador Cortez was surprised to find that Aztecs valued it the most.

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